Super Comparison

Have confidence in your superannuation fund — know you’re with the fund that’s more likely to get you the best returns, for the best rates, and that aligns with your values.

Compare industry super funds today using the below super comparison tool. Whether you’re looking to switch to a more competitive fund or need to decide which fund to consolidate your super into, you’ll benefit from seeing direct comparisons between your options.

Don’t miss out on increased growth opportunities by not making the comparison today.

When choosing your preferred fund, consider their return history, fees, insurance options, and investment flexibility to make sure it’s the right choice for you.


The brightday Superannuation Comparison Calculator provided here is intended for general informational purposes and is tailored to Australian superannuation regulations. It aims to assist you in estimating potential outcomes based on the information you input. However, it is important to note the following before using the calculator:

General Advice Only:
The calculator offers general advice and information regarding superannuation options. It does not take into account your individual financial circumstances, goals, or needs. Before making any decisions, you should seek professional financial advice that considers your specific situation. For more information, read brightday’s Financial Services Guide (FSG). Consider the Product Disclosure Statement and Target Market Determination (TMD), before making a purchase decision. Contact the product issuer directly for a copy of the TMD.

Accuracy of Information:
The accuracy of the calculator’s results depends on the accuracy and completeness of the data you provide. Any discrepancies or inaccuracies could lead to incorrect estimates.

Market Volatility:
The calculator’s projections are based on certain assumptions, including future investment returns and inflation rates. These assumptions are subject to market volatility and may not accurately predict future performance.

Tax Considerations:
The calculator may not encompass all tax implications related to superannuation contributions, withdrawals, and earnings. Tax rules can change, and the impact on your superannuation may vary based on your circumstances.

Fees and Costs:
The calculator might not incorporate all potential fees, costs, or charges associated with different superannuation funds or investment options. It’s important to consider the fees and costs of specific choices.

External Factors:
The calculator does not take into account external factors such as legislative changes, economic fluctuations, or unforeseen events that might affect your superannuation outcomes.

Projection Limitations:
Superannuation projections are inherently uncertain due to various variables. Actual results could differ significantly from the estimates provided by the calculator.

Past Performance:
Any past performance data used in the calculator may not be indicative of future results.

Educational Tool:
The calculator is an educational tool and should not be the sole basis for making financial decisions. Conduct thorough research and seek advice from qualified financial adviser before taking any action.

No Endorsement:
The inclusion of specific superannuation funds or investment options in the calculator does not constitute an endorsement or recommendation. We do not endorse any particular products, services, or financial institutions.

We disclaim any liability for the accuracy, completeness, or suitability of the information provided by the calculator. You assume full responsibility for any decisions made based on the calculator’s results.

By using the brightday Superannuation Comparison Calculator, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agreed to the terms of this disclaimer. You understand that the calculator is not a substitute for personalised financial advice, and you will seek professional guidance before making any significant financial decisions.